How is the arrival of 5G going to affect your business?

So, as you may well know – the arrival of 5G connection is getting closer and closer. Now without going into fancy jargon and head spinning terms, this simply means we’re getting MUCH faster connection. The arrival of this speed will allow us to see advancements that haven’t been capable before – think (safe) self-driving vehicles and downloading HD movies within seconds.

Now this is all well and good if you’re in the business of watching several movies a day or investing in hi-tech cars – but how does 5G actually affect your day to day business life?

  • Marketing – With buffering stopping within fractions of a second, videos will load almost instantly whilst scrolling down social media – an absolute godsend for the marketers among us. If you thought social media was fast enough as it was, get ready for a whole new dynamic on reaching your target market. Deliver content faster and to a bigger audience as 5G becomes available more and more throughout the UK.
  • Customer Service – Sick of trying to deliver customer service online with dire connections? Make the whole process of being there for your customers much more efficient with expected speeds of 1-10Gbps opposed to the current top speeds of 100-300Mbps we currently experience.
  • Communication – The arrival of 5G makes hosted phone systems even stronger! With hosted phones working through your internet connection, and through a simple phone app whilst remote working, this super-fast internet supports even more efficiency to an already strong system. With ISDN’s being phased out by 2020 and the arrival of 5G expected by late 2019, early 2020 – there has never been a better time to prepare for the change in the telecoms and internet sector.

What are your thoughts on the arrival of 5G and how are you planning for the change in your business? Have you addressed the coming change with ISDNs yet? Here at Datatel we make it a seamless process. Give one of our friendly team members a call for free, no obligation advice!

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