Managed Internet Access offer
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Hook up to new cloud powered opportunities
Use Big Data analytics to understand your customers and markets better


Fibre optic broadband delivers super speedy connections for your online operations.

Our fibre connectivity makes the worldwide web your oyster. Email, web browsing, social media, video conferencing, cloud computing, uploads and downloads. All the users, all the speed.

Put your brand out there with high-profile social media
Move huge files and connect to them, regardless of location. … all without staring at the dreaded egg-timer

So how’s this all possible? There’s this technology called DOCSIS3. It means that our next generation optical fibre can start fast and stay fast – all the way into your building. It never lets go of their ultrafast speeds, holding on much tighter than regular copper.

Managed Internet Accesss

Don’t want to share? Managed internet access gives you exclusive use of your very own internet connection. Go on, you deserve it.

The new name for business ethernet, managed internet access – MIA for short – provides your business with a dedicated lease line ethernet connection.

For big businesses or business centres, MIA is a no-brainer. Crummy connectivity makes your tenants 50% more likely to leave, and nobody likes goodbyes!

Instead, say hello to super secure, monitored and managed online operations, 24/7. Powerful performance that frees you from the daily drag of connectivity concerns.

MIA helps you futureproof your business’s online needs, too. Use what you need for now, and upgrade as and when your business grows.

No downtime, no disruptions, no dramas.

Super speeds guaranteed
Unlimited and uncontended
No downtime